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Container kilns are a great choice for optimized results, not to mention energy saving as it keep its internal temperature (the insulated ones).

However, if you buy a standard shipping container made from Iron, you will have to insulate it, not to mention the wood floor is not ideal.

ATC Containers® can supply empty, 20ft and 40ft High Cube non-operational Reefer Shipping Containers delivered to your site with very competitive prices.


The reefer units are already insulated and ready to go

The benefit of an insulated shipping container is that they are lined with Aluminum or Stainless Steel and won't rust out in a few years. Not to mention that when the wood starts to sweat, it prevents making mold. It also prevents condensation as its properly designed to handle low and high temperatures.


Our non-op Reefer Containers

Our customers choose to install the boilers and heating components themselves. However, we always recommend our partner Ember Air for those who are looking for the components, Check out their website.


Process Optimization, results, and challenges to build a shipping container kiln.

If you are from the wood industry, still struggling with your wood drying process,  if you are thinking of starting your wood business, or if you started to build your kiln, this webinar is exactly for you.

We had the pleasure to talk with Archie and Stuart from Amber air and have exclusive details about his kiln build.

Oak Farm Firewood's owner, Archie decided to build his own Shipping container Kiln and shared every step on his Youtube Chanel, since he did not find anyone else doing this in the UK or Europe for that matter. Today with more than 7.5K subscribers (all platforms), he has helped thousands of wood businesses by sharing tips, machinery reviews, and through his wonderful kiln build project.

Wherever you are located in the UK, ATC containers® can supply you with the right shipping containers. If you want to build your wood kiln please Enquiry Now!
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