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The 40ft High Cube container is used to transport cargo and equipment. It’s taller than the other models used for the same purposes but useful for those who need more space. The 40ft High cube container has been the most used in construction. It’s the largest standard size with larger door apertures and all cargo is fully protected. They’ve been used to host pop-up shops, offices, kitchens, and restaurants as well. 

One of our most popular sizes, perfect for conversions. Fully Wind and Watertight.

We sell our 40ft dry high cube containers in 2 different categories:

✓ First-trip Containers (New)

✓ Second-hand Cargo Worthy Containers (Used)

shipping containers for sale412.jpg

Used (Cargo Worthy)

Second-hand Cargo Worthy Containers are typically 5-15 years old and have carried cargo at sea for much of their life. However, they are still structurally sound, fully wind and watertight, generally in great conditions. With minimal maintenance used containers will provide dry and secure storage for another 10+ years.

Used Containers can also be used for shipping.

shipping containers for sale412.jpg

Lockbox (Optional)

Wind and Watertight

Cargo Worthy (CSC plate updated)

Padlock (Optional)

External Spray (Optional in any RAL colour)

shipping containers for sale412.jpg

✓ Welded all‐steel construction


✓ 30mm marine‐plywood floor


✓ Two weather‐sealed steel       

    doors at one end


✓ Lifting points at each corner.


✓ Multiple air vents

External Dimensions:

Length: 40ft (12.19m)

Width: 8ft (2.44m)

Height: 9ft 6ins (2.89m)

End door Aperture:

Width: 7ft 6ins (2.28m) Height: 8ft 5ins (2.59m)

Internal Dimensions

Length: 39ft 5ins (12.03m)

Width: 7ft 8ins (2.35m)

Height: 9ft 5ins (2.70m)


General Specifications

Cubic Capacity: 2698 cu ft (74.4m³)


Maximum: 32,500 Kg

Tare weight: 3,900 Kg

Load: 28,600 Kg

Floor Area: 305 sq ft

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